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Sue: One year I tried this:  I planted summer squash all around the corn
beds so that the racoons would have to cut up their paws to get through the
squash to the corn, and it worked-- as soon as the squash died, the coons
got right into the corn-- which had already been harvested, except for a few
ears missed in the harvesting.

That works in my size operation, may not work for you.


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> Does anyone grow popcorn and sell it? How much do you sell it for, and how
> does a person pop it in the microwave when it is still on the cob?
> I only want to sell it on the cob, I don't have the time to take it off.
> We are going to try again to grow corn, not a whole lot, but enough for us
> and maybe some to sell, but we have had no luck previously because of the
> fat raccoons getting to it. We have heard if we grow other kinds of corn
> around it, that the raccoons won't get into it. We are thinking of
> broom corn and flour corn.
> Will this work?
> Thank you all for all your help.
> Sue Wells


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