[Market-farming] Hello John & conferences

Christine & Marlin glenecofarm at planetcomm.net
Mon Jan 15 23:48:33 EST 2007

The reason VABF's conference is the same weekend as PASA's is because Dr.
Arden Andersen cannot come later in the month and SSAWG would not commit
(ahead of time) to which weekend in January 2007 they would have their
conference.  We have been trying for years to get Dr. Andersen.  This year
he will speak at PASA and then come to VABF's conference.
As for Joel Salatin, perhaps we don't pay enough or as Jesus once said, 
"A prophet is not accepted in his own country."
Most likely our conference will not be the same weekend as PASA next year.
Christine Burkholder

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