[Market-farming] Slug control in mild winter hoophouse

Pat Meadows pat at meadows.pair.com
Thu Jan 4 15:59:05 EST 2007

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>Since we're talking about Vegetable Weevil Larvae in winter hoophouse... 
>does anyone have a good strategy for slug control on same (chard, broccoli, 
>bok choi, etc...? My hoophouse is 65x24' and temps here (W. Mass.) havent 
>been any colder than elsewhere in the east. My hope was that sub-freezing 
>temps in hoophouse would diminish slug probs while leaving the greens and 
>brassicas quite happy. We don't keep any fowl (widely recommended as natural 
>slug control) nor would I want to interrupt growing cycle long enough to 
>safely compost their manure inside the high value greenhouse space... 

I find that the iron phosphate pellets work well.  There are two brands,
Sluggo is one and Es-Car-Go (from Gardens Alive) is the other.



They are non-toxic to wildlife and pets. 

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