[Market-farming] Slug control in mild winter hoophouse

Daniel Botkin dbotkin at valinet.com
Thu Jan 4 13:29:02 EST 2007

Since we're talking about Vegetable Weevil Larvae in winter hoophouse... 
does anyone have a good strategy for slug control on same (chard, broccoli, 
bok choi, etc...? My hoophouse is 65x24' and temps here (W. Mass.) havent 
been any colder than elsewhere in the east. My hope was that sub-freezing 
temps in hoophouse would diminish slug probs while leaving the greens and 
brassicas quite happy. We don't keep any fowl (widely recommended as natural 
slug control) nor would I want to interrupt growing cycle long enough to 
safely compost their manure inside the high value greenhouse space... 
Daniel Botkin

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