[Market-farming] Vegetable Weevil Larvae

pam at twinoaks.org pam at twinoaks.org
Wed Jan 3 19:28:01 EST 2007

We've got an infestation of what I think are vegetable weevil larvae in our 
hoophouse, eating ragged holes in leaves of Hakurei turnips, tatsoi, pak 
choy, chinese cabbage, and, I fear, the spinach too. Anyone have 
experience of these beasties, and how to get rid of them organically? 
Apparently they come out at night, reproduce parthenogenetically, are not 
affected by BT, go dormant in the summer, and eat a range of leaves and 
roots, preferring the new leaves in the crown of the plant. Argh! We had 
some last year on the turnips, and pulled them all early, hoping to get rid of 
the problem. On the plus side, these pests don't fly and have only one 
generation each year. I've heard that Spinosad/Entrust will kill them, but 
that's only available in $150 batches, and I'm hoping for something cheaper. 
Any ideas out there?
	Pam Dawling, Twin Oaks Community, Virginia. Zone 7.

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