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I have one of these, the smallest size, that I bought at our county fair.  They had it as a demo and so I got it cheaper.  I really wish now that I had a larger one.  It's great. http://www.geodesic-greenhouse-kits.com/index.php<http://www.geodesic-greenhouse-kits.com/index.php> 
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  Actually I liked the last one fine enough.  Really no judgement one 
  way or the other.  I bought it through the local greenhouse supply 
  company, Wetsel.  It was sort of a project in process. I like to 
  think of it as an educational project in the nature of evolution.

  When I started farming over a decade ago I began seedlings in the 
  window sills of the house.  And then a plastic, pvc lento against the 
  side of the house.  Then a larger leanto.  And then a larger one 
  still and then a sort of make do pvc greenhouse.  Finally I bought a 
  48 foot kit from Wetsel which I erected with my son-in-law.  Then 
  added 24 more feet and then added another 24 feet.

  At first I heated with little electric heaters, using electric 
  blankets, and more electric blankets covered by plastic.  Then I 
  switched to heat tape for the seedlings, then propagation mats.

  For the leanto when needed I bought an electric space heater and ran 
  the cord from the house. Once I bought the kit, at first, I  put in 
  an old wood stove with the stack going out through a hole in the 
  roof.  Then a bigger woodstove with old house fans blowing the heat. 
  Then greenhouse fans.  Once the greenhouse got to 96 feet I bought a 
  Modine heater.  Finally when I became more prosperous as a farmer and 
  upgraded the heating system in the our home from a woodstove to an 
  outside wood gasification boiler (this is my guess where the fire 
  started, from a spark out of the chimney landing in the dry kindling 
  I had just split the day before laying on the ground outside the 
  woodshed) with radiators and radiant floor heat I changed the heat in 
  the greeenhouse to hot water tubing running down the tables in the 
  greenhouse. a couple weeks ago I added a flash fire propane heater so 
  I could leave home and didn't always have to be out there stuffing 
  the firebox.

  Farmtek - I have three 100 foot by 10 foot hoophouse from farmtek. 
  They are definitely the cheapest and the ones I have are fine enough 
  but located too far away from the house, without electricity or much 
  water.  The Wetsel greenhouse is, I believe,  a
  Northern Star and probably, unless something else comes highly 
  recommended I'll just get another one.

  At 11:57 AM -0600 12/22/06, TxBeeFarmer wrote:
  >I know Farmtek has a wide variety to choose from.  Could you tell us more
  >about the one you had.  It might help the rest of us if you also say what
  >you didn't like about the old one.  Got any pictures?
  >West Texas Zone 7b
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  >>  Last night we just had a disaster  (but, of course, it could have
  >>  been worst). A fire somehow started next to a shed (I was not home),
  >>  which caught my woodpile which heated up the propane tanks, (that's
  >>  about when I came home) which blew, torching my 32X96 greenhouse and
  >>  contents.  ( found out that one gallon of propane equals ten sticks
  >>  of dynamite).  Fortunately the wind was blowing away from our home
  >>  and fortunately we stuccoed our house several years back so the only
  >>  damage to our home, sitting 70 feet away, were windows cracked from
  >>  the heat.
  >>  So the question is, if I'm going to start over again (and the thought
  >>  makes me ill) but with all the toxic chemicals of the melted plastic
  >>  and burnt flats (did you know potting soil burns?) in and around the
  >>  old greenhouse I don't see rehabing it.  I think I had better start
  >>  over at a new location.  What make of greenhouse do people recommend?
  >>  What shape?  The last one was about the right size for the seedlings
  >>  I need to start in the spring. Do people have a favorite. My last one
  >>  was heated by a woodboiler  which was cheap on fuel with hot water
  >>  running in pipes along the growing tables.  Are there better ideas?
  >>  Any good ideas would be helpful.
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