[Market-farming] seed potato sources

Sharon and Steve shopkins at tdstelme.net
Mon Feb 19 07:27:19 EST 2007

We have the same shipping problems with plugs and cutting of plant material as UPS and Fedex do not do heated service and air freight does not promise heat terminals or the folk who deliver from the airport. Solution turns out to be air freight and meet the plane when it lands, probably a bit expensive for potatoes but would work for a few.

Were the problem mine, I would plant potatoes from the (organic if you wish)grocery store for a small early crop, and ship in the main crop for later  planting. 

  Since we are on the subject of seed potatoes...I have yet to find a supplier that will ship in time for our "typical" planting date of March 17.  

    Does anyone have a supplier or suggestions?
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