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carol wilson carolaw5 at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 18 21:24:12 EST 2007

Since we are on the subject of seed potatoes...I have yet to find a supplier that will ship in time for our "typical" planting date of March 17.  Suppliers state they won't ship if weather is still freezing.  What the heck does everyone else do?  Buy from the local greenhouse or grocery store?  I need organic potatoes and that doesn't seem to be an option since the only suppliers I've been able to find are in the north or northeast and still in possible freeze conditions.  Last year I bought organic potatoes from Wild Oats and cut them up as an experiment.  The red ones just rotted in the ground and boy, was that expensive(luckily I'm very small scale).  Does anyone have a supplier or suggestions?
  BTW,  I haven't introduced myself but have been lurking for about a year, off and on.  I live in northeast OK and am in zone6. 

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