[Market-farming] Seed potatoes

Beth Spaugh lists at rhomestead.com
Sat Feb 17 19:12:16 EST 2007

I found out by long rainy spell last year that chitted potatoes will keep
for months on a low bench in the hoophouse. If they touch soil they will
grow roots and green stems and be a pain to pull out of the storage flat but
if not they are fine. The little sprouts didn't get longer than 1/2 inch. I
ended up dropping potatoes on the ground in mid-July. Began to cover them a
couple of weeks later, and ended up with good potatoes. Also learned that
potatoes keep very well in a cooler at 33 - 35. For months. Into late July.
So, this year, I have 13 200 foot long raised beds ready, but also plan to
keep potatoes in the cooler for succession planting.

Along the same line, very stunted broccoli and cabbage plants (getting woody
but not the woodiest which I threw out) will grow if dropped on the ground
and the root ball gently stepped on so it has good soil contact. This was
ground still too wet to fork or anything. I wish I had tried to salvage more
but had already thrown most seedlings in the compost pile assuming they
would not do produce well.

Beth Spaugh
Rehoboth Homestead
Peru NY

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