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STEVE GILMAN stevegilman at verizon.net
Fri Feb 16 12:51:16 EST 2007

Actually, the local food concepts presented at:
>> www.environmentalcommons.org/

have to do with the overall idea of Food Democracy, which is also  
presented at their website.

	While I've seen an enhanced local business support consciousness in  
your nearby Austin, including the "Keep Austin Weird -- Support Local  
Businesses" campaign, many local economies and the growers that serve  
them remain in the dark how the oligopolistic players in the big food  
and every other major industry have colonized our localities  to  
extract consumer dollars, taxes and resources (with the help of their  
special interest political powers.) Their size and economic clout  
enable them to buy low (the farmers' share of market basket sales is  
around 5%) and sell high (consumers are actually paying much more  
than the touted 12% of their "disposable income" on food), with the  
result that many local economies are on the ropes and farmers are  
down to less than 1% of the population.

	To the contrary, local food producers have one of the highest  
multiplier effects in the economy, helping to raise all (local) boats  
and increase local food security and independence.

	As citizens and farmers we all have many good reasons to promote  
local food production. Whether the Food Democracy viewpoint is  
objectionable is up to you, but I don't think its reality can be  


Steve Gilman
Ruckytucks Farm

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> On Thu, Feb 15, 2007 at 12:58:22PM -0500, Pat Meadows wrote:
>> This was on another list.  The fact sheets may be of use to some list
>> members here.  You can send for (free) paper copies (with color)  
>> if you
>> want to.
>> The fact sheets are now available nationally through Environmental
>> Commons. They can be downloaded from http://
>> www.environmentalcommons.org/LocalFood/ and are available free of
>> charge, by order, in full-color hard copy as well. Please help
>> distribute these far and wide!
> I believe these links cropped up here before, fairly recently?
> At that time, I took a look; I am all in favor of promoting local food
> production.  However, these handouts take a, to me, objectionable
> anti-corporation, anti-profit-motive, corporations-are-evil bent.  I
> would be pleased to distribute literature that clearly and objectively
> states the case for local food production.
> -- 
> Willie, ONWARD!  Through the fog!

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