[Market-farming] Small Hoophouse construction

Sharon and Steve shopkins at tdstelme.net
Wed Feb 14 18:07:01 EST 2007

Not exactly a hoop but I spent part of a day recently cutting rafters to make a 12 x 50 for warming part of my garden this spring. Since the wood came from this place for the cost of the sawing the logs and I am using the poly that came off my greenhouse I dont plan on much cash outlay for this one.

First I will drive 2 rows of wood fence posts and cut the tops level at about 4" high, I will top the posts with 2 x 4s horizontal making the sidewalls, the 2 x 4 will carry the rafters, probably 5 feet apart. A ridge pole and a couple of perlins will be added. Poly will be long enough to reach the ground on both sides but attached at the 2 x 4 at the top of the wall, the sides will be attached to pipes for roll up, or left loose to be gathered and tied up to open for ventilation.

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