[Market-farming] Colorado potato & flea beetles

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John:  I tried the spray/scarecrow thing for racoons and it didn't work.
The hose bulged out from the water pressure on it and apparently the coons
liked the shower.

I have used the cougar hiss for deer this past season and it really worked.
A little black box that makes a hiss every 30 seconds only at night that
apparently deer think is a cougar.  It kept them away.  Saw hoof prints only
twice and no damage to plants.

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I just received my Peaceful Valley catalogue and was searching through their
chart which shows how to control insects, hoping there was a new miracle
tonic that can control Colorado potato beetles and flea beetles using OMRI
approved materials. I was wondering if anyone had had success with Pyganic
or Agroneem.

Also, in the catalogue, were some interesting looking deer deterents. In
addition to the Phantom guard that has been discussed on this list, were an
Electronic deer repellent and a Spray Away motion detection. The spray away
uses an attached water hose and sprays water when it detects motion from up
to 35' away. The Electronic one, lures the deer with a scent and when the
deer touches it, they receive a small shock. Anyone used either of these?

John Drury
Bon Aqua, TN 37025


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