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Sharon and Steve shopkins at tdstelme.net
Wed Feb 14 13:39:56 EST 2007

Just a bit of explanation, flats ( also called trays) come in endless sizes but the common unit in trade is the 1020 which means it is 10 inches by 20 inches. There are web flats that are made like woven fence and there are flats that are made to look like a sheet of plastic molded to make a flat with drainage holes burned in the bottom.

Inserts (or cell packs) are made in sheets that fit into a 1020 flat, the number system relates to the number and count of the packs it contains. The first part of the number is the number of packs per sheet, the second part is the number of divisions in each pack. ..........clear huh? Well, a 606 is six packs of 6 cells, an 806 is 8 packs of 6 cells, 601 is 6 packs with no divisions, etc.

Most retailers are picky about the pack they are selling so it is well to check ahead.

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