[Market-farming] buying live plants??

Kate Halstead rockyprairie at earthlink.net
Wed Feb 14 13:44:14 EST 2007

I've used Germania Seed Company (www.germaniaseed.com) for herb plugs on
several occasions and found their plants to be just fine. I've also had some
mixed results with Richter's; the reason you state seems most likely why.
Instead of coming from just one location, Germania sources from growers all
over the US. Their catalog is a nightmare to figure out initially. Each
grower has their own set of listings, so you may find lemon thyme listed in
8 different locations. There are different minimums, tray sizes, etc. but
the prices are competitive, usually better than Richter's.
Would like to hear of others folks have found.


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We need a reliable source of herb seedlings (already potted - small) other
than Richter's in Canada (we will use them also but have had bad results
with buying live plants from them, perhaps because of customs/border
If located in the Southeast, USA, great, but not required. Some species we
need will be relatively rare/tropical (not what you would find at WalMart,
 Any companies come to mind???
Many thanks, nan at dancing goats farm, n. mississippi
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