[Market-farming] Small Hoophouse construction

Marcy mlynn at pcisys.net
Wed Feb 14 10:13:45 EST 2007

I just want to mention one thing - maybe it's widely known and I just didn't 
know. When we were first building our 30x96 using 2" pvc for the hoops, I 
found out from the place we ordered the poly covering from that they won't 
warranty the poly if it touches PVC - in small print they wouldn't warranty 
it if it touched anything. The PVC will emit chloride gas and degrade the 
poly. So we painted the hoops.
We had a wind disaster with that first experience in 2000. Then in 2005, 
after getting divorced, I decided to rebuild the greenhouse with help from 
several neighbors. There was one  hoop that we couldn't reuse and I had two 
lengths that were purchased at the same time and had been outside. I 
realized they hadn't been painted but thought that being outside all that 
time they had probably outgassed all they would and we didn't paint them 
Well guess what... last fall we noticed a spot where the bottom layer of 
poly was breaking apart.  As I started to panic and looked around the entire 
greenhouse I finally realized it was breaking directly above the hoop, it 
was the only hoop that had poly breaking and it was the hoop that hadn't 
been painted.

Good luck to y'all.

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