[Market-farming] Small Hoophouse construction

Kevin Wilson kevin.wilson100 at shaw.ca
Wed Feb 14 01:31:19 EST 2007

> From: "The Blankleys" <blankley at core.com>
> I am planning on making/ buying a smaller sized hoop house and am thinking
> of a 12 X 24 ' size. I have a catalog from Charlie's Greenhouse out west
> and
> Farm Tek to consider. Do any of you have any suggestions on where to buy
> or
> what book to use to assemble my own? I would appreciate any comments and
> thank you in advance. Georgene ( Farmer's Daughter's Organics) in Ohio

I built a 12' x 26' this year, an expanded version of  a 12 x 20 I built a 
few years ago (reusing the old parts and adding some). I used 3/4" schedule 
40 plumbing pipe for the hoops (21 ft lengths to give better height 
clearance in the middle), set on rebar stakes at each end of the hoop. You 
can see the ground frame (2x4 and 2x6 cedar), rebar stakes (with padding on 
top so they don't abrade the inside of the hoops) and hoops here:

The finished hoophouse is here:

Sorry, no intermediate construction pics, LMK if you want more detailed 
description. I have improved the holddowns for the rollup sides at intervals 
all winter as the storms rolled through, so it is now pretty darn solid.

Fiddlers farm
Powell River, BC

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