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Sue, It's funny how the headlines change and we don't always see the end of 
the story. I'm on the edge of the worst of the snow in CO - about 20 miles 
east of us and on further is where they got hammered. As Elaine mentioned, 
we're used to having it melt off in a couple days with so much sunshine 
here. Most of the ranchers plan on grazing all winter with minimal 
supplemental feed. They're just beginning to see the effects of the storm. 
Initially the cows were lost. Now we still have snowpack on the ground and 
even if they got feed to them in time they may lose up to half their calves 
this spring. And the cows that survive don't have the body reserves they 
need. It's a tough road and I'm guessing we'll see a lot of places going 
under. Hay is in short supply and more expensive than usual.

I've been pulling feed to the chickens on my sled for close to two months 
now instead of the typical 4 days a winter that I can't pull my wagon. Not 
sure how it will be for the ranchers, but for our poor milk cow I don't know 
if the snow was worse or now that some of it is melting in the corral the 
sopping wet mud.
There were lots of buildings damaged. Our 4-H exhibit hall is ruined.
We just about lost our greenhouse, but spent 3 days digging snow off the 
sides that don't slope enough and managed to save it.
Anyone from the Buffalo area?
SE Colo
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>I have been wondering about the starving cattle in Colorado, and 
> areas that had so much news coverage, I haven't heard anything lately, 
> were
> a lot lost? I also wondered why help was not available sooner.
> How is everyone's winter? Has there been too much ice damage? I am not 
> sure
> if anyone is having a mild winter anymore. It is pretty cold uphere in
> Vermont.
> Sue Wells
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