[Market-farming] Gro Mor seeders

Leigh Hauter bullrunfarm at hughes.net
Sun Feb 11 09:39:52 EST 2007

David wrote:

Hi All.  Does anyone have any experience with the following :
or anything similar?  I don't grow a whole lot - several hundred 
flats per year, mixed vegetables and some flowers - mostly 72 and 128 
cell flats.  I'm looking to spend less time seeding, and hoping 
something like this will do the trick.
Yes,  I have one.  I like it  (the guy that works for me hates it and 
won't use it).  So when  we start seeding flats I'm using it and he's 
using one of those little green things you sometimes get with seed 
orders.  When we race to see who does it faster I, of course, win 
wiht the seedmore  (but not by all that much)

I mostly use it on 50 cell flats, but I imagine it  would be much 
more time saving on 72's and 128's..

Sometimes the needles clog, and some seeds work less well than others.


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