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In our Wichita market, a red 8-10oz tomato sells the best.  I grow and sell heirloom varieties, but have had to sample them to get them started.  I now have early customers who buy them up before others can at market.  I like the Brandywine OTV tomato that is "red", not pink that I purchase from Tomato Growers Supply Company.  I also grow one called Cherokee Purple that is pleasantly sweet.  They seem to grow very well in our climate in Kansas without too much cracking.    
  I also grow the hybrid Sunbeam.  It fills the need in our market for a red, flawless, good size and good tasting tomato.  Most customers will choose this tomato, unless we get them to taste the heirlooms, then they are hooked on the heirlooms.
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Robert Schuler <sunnfarm at verizon.net> wrote:
  I grow the hybrid Sunbeam. Its the best selling tomato in south Jersey. Like all commercial tomatoes sunbeam is big red and flawless looking and tastes good when grown slowly. I sell both Sunbeam and Brandywine at my roadside market. 9 times out of 10 people choose Sunbeam. But when they try Brandywine they come back for them every time. BTW there are many types of Brandywine tomatoes not all taste the same... Bob.
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Regards to the list:

My favorite tomato for market is Park's Whopper. They're a large, smooth red
tomato with great taste. They're consistent in size and just a really good
all-purpose tomato. Another tomato I really like is Mortgage Lifter; its
taste is wonderful. I've never understood what people see in Brandywine -
I've never particularly cared for it. Once you have picked all those
tomatoes and prepared them for market, you'll know which is which.

Marie in Missouri

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