[Market-farming] Tillage is tillage

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Thu Feb 8 22:50:14 EST 2007

Ok, so as it turns out that was not my "final word"...it's not the content 
of the posts, it's the tone and judgment that offend me.  You may have 
certain ideas; others may not share the same thoughts.  Your tone is 
contentious, and imperious, your way or the highway.   That offends me. 
Share your ideas by all means, but do not insist that I agree with you. 
Present your ideas as a thought or an option not a decree that everyone must 
follow...Wow, that might make a better impact than arguing and judging. 
Imagine that...

Washington, zone 5
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> Finding ways to save small farms is not critically important? Give us some
> "helpful, collaborative sharing" on that. Discuss the hard financial 
> issues
> facing market farms today. I favor the low-input approach but anyone with
> other approaches is free to bring them up.
> paul tradingpost at lobo.net
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> On 2/8/2007 at 7:23 PM ktk2a wrote:
>>Clearly you have too much time on your hands with your willingness to
>>in endless debate... a mission that you seem to believe is critically
>>important to pursue.  Good for you.  I for one am tired of the argument
>>would be delighted to see an end to it. Take it off list.  That's my final
>>word on this issue.
>>Washington, zone 5
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>>> The system of destroying American farm families and small farms should
>>> be taken offlist, nor any possible answers to the problems involved. All
>>> options should be on the table. The issues should be discussed, not
>>> personalities. If this list wants to dodge the hard issues then it will
>>> irrelevant and no service at all to those who need better answers to
>>> problems.
>>> paul tradingpost at lobo.net
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>>> On 2/8/2007 at 6:54 PM ktk2a wrote:
>>>>Frankly I do delete.  Argumentative posts are not helpful to the list.
>>>>Informative posts are.  There's a difference.  Consider that.  I think
> if
>>>>you want to incessantly argue a point it should be taken off list.  But
>>>>that's just my two cents.  Certainly can't speak for anyone else.  I'm
>>>>absolutely not looking for a fight...I just want the list to return to
>>>>helpful and collaborative sharing that it used to be instead of the
>>>>posts I have recently observed.
>>>>Washington, zone 5
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