[Market-farming] Tillage is tillage

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You have every right to respond to the issues, like anyone else. 

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On 2/8/2007 at 9:04 PM Bill Bradshaw wrote:

>please feel free to use your delete key.
>I for one have just about worn out my delete key.
>For a while I found the discussion interesting, you have the right to 
>believe what ever you like but you don't have the right to brow beat me
>your belief. Damn dude give it a rest. Bill
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>> I have very long experience running lists of my own and I keep up with 
>> many
>> others along this line. Do not try to make me the issue. That will not 
>> mask
>> the life and death issues small growers have to deal with to survive. I
>> on their side, esp organic, low-input growers struggling to do something
>> they believe in. If you are not concerned with those issues, or if you
>> don't like something I say, please feel free to use your delete key.
>> paul tradingpost at lobo.net

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