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Actually, that "cycle that started over 150 years ago" has depleted a high
percentage of our country's topsoil and ground water while centralizing
food processing and distribution, and decimating farm families and rural
communities. This fine country is now a net IMporter of food. 

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On 2/8/2007 at 9:00 PM Sharon and Steve wrote:

>>Why would you define it by any arbitrary standard?
>Okay. Lets shoot at moving targets.
>> Quibbling over definitons sidesteps the issue of low farm profit
>> decimating
>> farm families. Perhaps you have another idea about stems the exodus of
>> farm
>> families that's been going on for decades. I'm all ears.
>> paul tradingpost at lobo.net
>When conditions permit the business savy and efficient to prosper in an
>tightening market, bringing the nation and the world more and better foods

>stable prices it is only the continuation of a cycle that started over 150

>years ago.
> I am curious as to why you are trying to restart
>the buggy whip factories!
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