[Market-farming] Tillage is tillage

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Thu Feb 8 20:46:26 EST 2007

You made it a point to say:
There are tractors and equipment ar Colemans, and his latest soil prep tool
is battery electric powered. 

I would be surprised ( perhaps ever pleasantly surprised) if you could show

me the numbers where labor is cheaper than machinery in crop production.

If you were not implying Coleman is a liar and a fraud in claiming "we no
longer dig our garden", and not claiming that machinery is cheaper than
labor, then I'll say no more about that.

paul tradingpost at lobo.net

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On 2/8/2007 at 8:25 PM Sharon and Steve wrote:

>I dont think I was disputing anything, you will know when I am ready to 
>dance and due to your attitude here it will not be long.
>> If you'll try to specify what it is you're disputing, maybe I can
>> It  helps to take a definite position and support it. I'm not inclined
>> guess what you're driving at. Try it.
>> paul tradingpost at lobo.net

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