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Well, until we get something more reliable than recall, we might keep in
mind that his inputs are almost negligible since he had the land and setup
for 30 years, and it isn't likely he spent 70% or more on paid labor since
he and Barbara Damrosch did a great deal of it themselves. Be that as it
may, $100,000 gross on only and acre and a half may not mean much to you,
but in comparison to the typical small farm it's astounding. I recall
(there's that word) hearing a professor at NMSU Alcalde tell me the highest
grossing crop around here was blackberries at $30,000 an acre, far higher
than any other crops grown in this area. 

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On 2/8/2007 at 10:36 AM Paul Bucciaglia wrote:

>Gross profit has little meaning without knowledge of net profit.
>  As I recall  net profit was around 20% of that 100 grand figure you
>quote, which in the northeast puts you closer to the poverty line than to
>the middle class.  Again from memory, my recollection was that labor took
>a huge chunk of the gross you quote.
>  Paul Bucciaglia
>  Fort Hill Farm

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