[Market-farming] Sprinklers for beds

Tradingpost tradingpost at lobo.net
Thu Feb 8 13:04:03 EST 2007

For small seed like carrots, that thin dusting of sifted compost may help
germination by slowing surface evaporation, as well as by helping hold
surface soil and seeds in place. Works for me. Either way a fine mist would
do less damage than heavy sprinkling, wouldn't it? I always have a problem
with wind so often it has to be misted by hand which takes close watching
for days. And carrots are notoriously slow anyway.

paul tradingpost at lobo.net

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On 2/8/2007 at 12:52 PM Alex McGregor wrote:

>Here's a tip to get faster, more complete germination- Covering seeds with
>finished compost that's been sifted will stimulate faster germination.  I
>did this for years after seeing the effect.  Some years ago there was an
>article in Acres about a study done using humic acids to stimulate
>germination.  The scientist concluded that humic acids stimulate faster
>more complete germination- and finished compost is loaded with humic
>The first time I tried this on carrot beds, I spent days thinning because
>sowed them as thick as usual.

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