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Thu Feb 8 10:58:58 EST 2007

Bob, I saw a  post from you about the state Farm Bureau at

When you mention the economic system we're a part of, do you mean tax
assessments, government policies, wholesale prices, or the cost of inputs?

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On 2/8/2007 at 9:40 AM Robert Schuler wrote:

>There is no future for a small organic farm in the United States. Its not
>that the farm can not produce enough food its the economic system its
>apart of. I have been a full time small farmer since 1974 without any
>outside income. Though I have been successful at it I have very very
>little to show for working 7 days a week year round for the last 33 years
>except for one 7 day vacation and a lot of very expensive real estate...
>Sunny Meadow Farm
>Bridgeton, NJ.

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