[Market-farming] Sprinklers for beds

Beth Spaugh lists at rhomestead.com
Wed Feb 7 20:38:19 EST 2007

I have a good selection of drip supplies, but last year found that I seem to
need sprinklers to get salad mix, carrots, etc germinated. My first instinct
was to find sprinklers (circle or half-circle) that would just cover a 3 - 4
foot wide bed. They are hard to find, so I am thinking of planting shorter
wider areas, lumping closely-spaced crops in a 15-foot or so wide section.
Or using one hose between 2 beds with full circle sprinklers overlapping, so
the radius would be 4 - 5 feet.

I would appreciate suggestions for sprinklers or management please. I am on
a heavy silty/sandy loam, and my seedbeds just don't get fine enough to wick
moisture across the surface from drip tape. I think once the roots go down,
drip tape will be fine, and I should be able to move the sprinkler setup to
the next seeding.

Thank you for your advice.

Beth Spaugh
Rehoboth Homestead
Peru NY

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