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Hi Karen,


See the post to John Hendrickson I just made and go to that web site to see
the inside and outside of the insulated containers.  I had an old freezer
door from a restaurant and used that with just a wood stud wall I framed
out. Any metal door with an insulated core would work.  The rest of the wall
does need something like Masonite to cover it because of the moisture
problems.  I used a 10 inch Rotron style fan through the wall to cool the
front.  Whether it would work with a solar setup would depend on many
variables such as: size of compressor, temperature setting, outside
temperature, size of the solar unit, etc. You would need a low temperature
compressor if you need a freezer as part of it, otherwise a medium temp.
compressor works fine and uses less electricity,  but doesn't have the
heating coils in the evaporation unit to defrost the unit automatically
(which it wouldn't need above 32 degrees F).  Talk to local refrigeration
people about a used one coming out of a restaurant or such.

Anything else I can do to help, just shout, or maybe email.





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Hydroponically producing sustainable salad greens in the Northeast.

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Hi Maury,

Thanks so much for your response.  Your cooler sounds like a great idea.
Any further advice/details/pictures/cautions you could provide about
choosing and adding a compressor,  finding a nitrogen shipping container,
size of and how much electricity the compressor uses (i.e., appropriate for
solar or not), size and location of fan in bulkhead, bulkhead construction
materials, and any other details of your invention/construction that might
ease my task or keep me from error (I am dreadfully unmechanical) would be
so greatly appreciated.  

All best wishes,


Karen Sutherland 
Roots Farm
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Cockrane, Dominica 
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