[Market-farming] Tillage is tillage

David Inglis mhcsa at verizon.net
Tue Feb 6 13:58:29 EST 2007

This has been, at times, an interesting thread to follow.
My own point of view is that the choice of tillage or degree of non tillage
is less significant than the thinking behind the choice.
 I have found that there are two basic approaches to soil preparation: The
[far less common, even amongst Organic Farmers ]approach that sees farm
practices as primarily  providing enhanced conditions for soil life, the
activities of which create the necessary tilth and productivity and the
approach that attempts to create tilth and productivity directly. My opinion
is that only the first of these has a future.
Within this first choice there are a whole range of possibilities some of
which include tillage not only because it suits our needs but because it
suits the needs of the life of the soil. I find this is objected to most
strongly by those of a philosophical bent that the best we can hope for is
to approximate 'nature'. Ironically this is often the most strident
'environmentalists'. It is my contention that despite our historically
negative relationship to land stewardship it is in fact possible, as well as
necessary, for Humans to greatly enhance what nature can do on 'her' own. 
David Inglis
Mahaiwe Harvst C.S.A.

Ps hi Steve G.

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