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That leads me to ask what is the soil condition and profit margins for all
those growers? What percent of gross typically goes to labor, chemicals,
and equipment? Do any of those 500 really know? Intensive production in
permanent beds needs the best possible soil. 

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On 2/5/2007 at 9:33 AM Robert Schuler wrote:

>I fall plow all my early sweet corn ground, its the only way to create
>conditions where the soil can warm up enough by late March to seed corn.
>Tillage dries out the ground so we can plant earlier.
>In south Jersey most of my 500+ vegetable farm neighbors practice some
>form of intensive vegetable production. Like double and triple cropping,
>and almost everything on raised beds. This all takes a lot of tillage also
>most small seeded vegetables like carrots and parsley need a fine well
>tilled seed bed just to germinate.
>Tillage is a cheap form of pest control. cutworms, corn borers, flea
>beetles, cucumber beetles, thrips, spider mites, and aphids and diseases
>like sclerotina and rhizoctonia just love to over winter in a nice warm
>mulch... Bob
>Sunny Meadow Farm
>Bridgeton, NJ.
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