[Market-farming] Coleman: "We no longer dig the garden."

Steve Diver steved at ncat.org
Sun Feb 4 15:33:30 EST 2007

Paul wrote:

"As I said I haven't yet used the broadfork, 
but from what I've seen it's to loosen deep 
soil without inverting or mixing it, much like 
the chisel plow.That's not inverting and mixing, 
so far as I'm concerned that falls within
a definition of no-till. Inverting and mixing 
would certainly expose too much soil organic 
matter to oxidation; and that's what I call 

At least it is now clear that what you keep defining as
no-till is really reduced tillage, which is a form of tillage
no matter which way you slice it.

It sure would help if you used common terms and
vocabulary in the tillage to no-tillage spectrum of
agricultural practices so readers understand what
you're talking about.  

Steve Diver

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