[Market-farming] Women's boot

Beth Spaugh lists at rhomestead.com
Sat Feb 3 22:48:33 EST 2007

I got some lace-up boots last summer from L.L. Bean on sale for $40 and see
they are on sale again.

Or look under the sale - Women's footwear, boots, view all 17 items.

I like them. The soles are not stitched on, and I did return the first pair
after 3 months of hard use, including scooting along on my knees dragging my
toes, because one toe was letting some sand in. They replaced them. Got
replacements in September. Snow-sealed them right away to protect leather
and am careful to not drag my toes. They have been great.

I am very happy with these, particularly at that price. My feet are much
happier. I was wearing clogs or tennis shoes, but had dirt inside most of
the time, and wore out socks quickly. These are wide enough that I can wear
two pairs of light/medium socks, or a pair of heavy socks. The bottoms of my
feet swell at the end of the day, and these boots have really helped. Now I
can wear more expensive (cushier) socks since they aren't wearing out so

I had a hard time finding lace up boots with flexible ankles. And then
finding them that fit, and for under $160. So, I figure since they are only
regularly $80, they may not be the longest lasting, but they have served me
well. I may order a second set just to have on hand at this price.

Oh, and if you have  Discover card, you can redeem $20 of points for $25
certificate at Bean's, so save another $5.

No affiliation with Bean's. Just know I was glad to get these boots, and
pass the info along to others who may be wanting boots.

Beth Spaugh
Rehoboth Homestead
Peru NY

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