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Shows you can start with almost any kind of soil. Soil building could be a
lot quicker with halfway decent soil to begin with. With most soils,
sufficient improvement could be made in a year; after that it's just soil
maintenance and not much work.

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>>Reducing work and cost of machinery should be a goal to work
>> for. I just don't think the typical mechanical market growing approach
>> the last word everywhere. And I want market growers to keep doing better
>> and get enough return on their time and investment to stay on the land
>> keep growing.
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>> OK...so I'll throw my 2 cents worth in....I bought my property in 75 and
>it came with chemically worked fields and a resident cropper.  We were
>zone 4 then, 5 now with warming.  The soil is 30 ft deep sand/ash.  The
>first year we were here, I watched the "experienced farmer" plow my sad
>field and got to watch a large layer of topsoil blow off into the trees
>and the house.  I hadn't read Coleman, but it was evident these methods
>were what caused the dustbowl.  I tell everyone that my primary crop is
>to grow friable soil, and the only way I've been able to do this is with
>as minimal disturbance as possible.  Layering, mulching, raised beds,
>intensive planting, green manure, composting, and we're still growing 30
>years down the line....
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