[Market-farming] Picture of the New House is on my Blog

Glen Eco Farm glenecofarm at planetcomm.net
Tue Dec 25 20:01:57 EST 2007

Hello All,
I just succeeded in getting a write up and pictures of our old house, the 
fire razed ruins, and the rebuilt house on my blog at 
www.gleneco.blogspot.com.  If you like to read, you are welcome to scroll 
downward and read of the other stuff that has gone on here at the farm for 
the past year.  If you really like to read you can go into the archives and 
read the posts that go back to when I first created the blog in early 06. 
We feel good about how the new house is turning out and plan to be moving in 
this Saturday Dec 29.  There is still some floor laying and trim work that 
needs finishing in the basement and upstairs but I will get to it when I can 
get to it. This past year has been quite a trip but we are thankful that we 
have arrived at year's end safe and sound.  May all of you be experiencing 
the best of God's provisions and love this special season.

Marlin Burkholder

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