[Market-farming] European Seeder

Glen Eco Farm glenecofarm at planetcomm.net
Tue Dec 18 21:58:33 EST 2007

I did a fairly detailed write up about my European push seeder on this list 
back sometime in the summer.  You should be able to dig it out of the 
archives.  It's not a perfect tool but with a few adjustments I can get 
along with it.

The best thing I like about it is the more sturdy construction and stability 
when working in my stoney and cloddy soil.  The seed plates, when needing to 
be changed, are no more difficult to do than those on an Earthway and if you 
are only changing to a slightly larger or smaller seed you may only need to 
spin the externally mounted plate to a larger or smaller hole, much easier. 
And you don't have the aggravation of plastic plates flexing and jamming 
seed under the plate and then popping them to who knows where.  Sometimes 
seed size variations in radish, spinach, or some bean varieties can make 
life difficult for using the Earthway.  This is easily handled in the 
European by adjusting hole size.  I have sowed small seeded things like 
lettuce, carrots, and kale successfully but I was dissappointed that it 
wouldn't do a decent job on sweet corn, and I'm still not sure about swiss 
chard and beets.  My impressions are that it does best with smooth evenly 
rounded seeds like peas and okra and worst with irregular shaped and 
surfaced seeds like corn and beets.  These things tend to clump together as 
the rotating brushes move them up the sloping side of the hopper towards the 
discharge hole and then release irregularly.  I think a redesign of the 
machine with the discharge hole closer to the bottom of the seed hopper 
would improve on this problem.

Another thing I found to be essential for using the European seeder is to 
have a cordless rechargeable hand vacuum to take along to the field to use 
for sucking remaining seed out of the seed hopper when you are changing seed 
types or varieties.  Mine works well but it is another $35-$50 dollar 

Hope this is helpful.

Marlin Burkholder

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