[Market-farming] Johnny's European Push Seeder, is it a good unit to invest in?

dirt.4arm dirt.4arm at gmail.com
Mon Dec 17 18:03:21 EST 2007

Is this unit worth investing in? Will it do lettuce, carrots, arugula, etc. OK?

Product ID: 9381
European Push Seeder
New last year! A versatile new push seeder.
Sturdy design with steel construction. Comes with three seed plates with thirteen hole sizes in each. Sows crops ranging from 
small seeded greens and lettuce up to large seeded beans and peas. Seeding rate is dependent on the hole size that is selected. 
Compares favorably to the Planet Jr., with similar seeding rate control, but with a lighter-weight design and easier-to-change seed plates.
 1 Unit  	 	$278.00

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