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I really need better cultivation tools. Since the land is not level (has
dips from taking out trees, etc) I assume tine weeders and basket weeders
will not be effective. It is also a sandy clay loam, so gets sticky when
wet.We just had it tile drained on 30 foot centers so the wet should not be
a big problem in the future. 3+ acres
My thought is a toolbar (or two) with quick-adjust shovels and spikes, and
anything else??? We currently have old corn cultivators for the Farmall Cub,
and corn cultivator, rake, and blade for the little Kubota, so I should be
able to scavenge the 3-pt hitch part. My husband can weld, if needed. I know
conceptually that the tool bars are square hollow steel, and that
quick-release attachments are available, but we are not in a veg area so the
local implement dealers haven't been able to help.
DH can build it if given clear instructions (which he will change, but he
won't start without clear instructions or a sample in front of him, maybe
good photos). Can someone point me toward sources and share
experience/recommendations please. 
My long range plans are to get an electric G, and go to 6 foot tire spacing,
so assume I need a 7 or 8 foot bar. I'd like to use it to mark rows for
transplanting. I would like to be able to vary the row spacing, but if that
is asking too much, I will settle on 12 or 18 inches.
I appreciate your advice. Thank you.

Beth Spaugh
Rehoboth Homestead
Peru NY
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