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Another high value crop....rapini....excellent potential...easier to grow than broccoli-higher yields too and selling for $1.99/8 oz in grocery stores in this area.  Also, target the ethnic groups in your area.  I have done quite well with dragon langerie beans for the Central European immigrants, Thai basil, cardoons/Italians etc.  
Also-watch the latest media buzz on healthy/high nutrient veggies.....The high lutein  tomato variety Health Kick can be marketed well and so on.  
UW Madison has a great website....Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems (CIAS)....very nice report on unusual fruits with high antioxidant content.....elderberries, aronia, sea buckthorn berries, and european black currants.  You might be the only vendor for awhile.  (I used to get a good price for long stems of elderberry flowers during their brief season and had two seasons as the only vendor).
A seasonal ornamental of extremely high price.....bittersweet vines.  Wholesale price in Northern Illinois is 9.40$ per bunch of 6-8 15 inch stems and the floral distributors always run out before demand does. (An apple orchard here retails them for 24.00 per stem) *And before someone posts a warning about bittersweet being invasive:  there are two types.  The oriental is invasive in warmer zones.  The American native is not.  In zone 5, neither variety is invasive enough to satisfy the demand.
Be sensitive to the holiday specialties of different religious groups.  Blue flowers are in high demand in September during the Jewish High Holidays etc.
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