[Market-farming] High value crops

Jerry and Marienne kreitlow at cmgate.com
Sat Dec 8 09:03:20 EST 2007

Here's our "high value" crops:

(and, this year, soybeans at $10.25 per bushel - but that's a whole  
different matter. <grin>)
And, of course, the whole "value added" element can come into play  
here:  you can ask more for braided softneck garlic than loose bulbs  
in a box.  Nicely packaged garlic with your name/face on it can get  
more $ as well.  Purple and white asparagus can sometimes get a  
premium.  We ask more for our Fall raspberries, when no one else is  
selling them.

Someone mentioned Indian corn and gourds - there's a company in our  
area who makes up shocks and arrangements, and contracts with office  
buildings to decorate in the fall.

Howard Lake, MN

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