[Market-farming] High value crops.

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Hello Andy...tnx for taking time to answer my question. How does one
determine local pricing? Franklin 
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If you have some space and traffic in front of your home, Indian Corn and
gourds may do well.  I used to sell Indian Corn for $6/dozen tied in gruops
of three and received another $2/dozen for the stalks.  Small, brightly
colored odd shaped gourds for table displays also get a premium price. 
Tomatoes can also do well.  


Franklin W. Davis wrote: 
Hi Folks...am retired and garden on a home scale level. Would like to expand
in a small way to try 
  and make a few dollars to help out my retirement funds. What high value
crop(s) would anyone care to comment on that I could raise to accomplish
that goal. Franklin


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