[Market-farming] Market-farming Digest, Vol 59, Issue 2

whipstone at aol.com whipstone at aol.com
Thu Dec 6 22:36:47 EST 2007

I'm sure I'll find out my answer on Monday when the company opens.  But has 
anyone else had their greenhouse collapse by the weight of snow and was it 
covered by home-owner's?

Sorry to hear about your greenhouse collapsing.? We has one collapse in a microburst (wind storm) several years back.? When we made a claim on our homeowners insurance, not only did they not cover it (farmers insurance) but they cancelled our homeowners policy all together because we had a business at our home.? Since then we switched to Farm Bureau and they cover our house, the farm, additional buildings (like greenhouses) and we also have product liability and protection at the markets where we sell, say if a tent were to blow over.? We have been happy with them so far, but have not had any claims.? This probably won't be helpful to you now, but maybe in the future.

Shanti Rade
Whipstone Farm, Paulden, AZ
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