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Jan Lite liteshoe at gmail.com
Thu Dec 6 14:14:36 EST 2007

>I'd like to try putting down mulch over my garden to reduce weeds and help
>the soil.  It's about 3 acres, but I'm really not sure how to get it done.
>Also not sure how to plant a garden on it.

I like the suggestion about growing your own mulch.
Any chance of a cover crop such as a cereal rye/legume mixture?

When that's whacked down, you'll have biomass galore - not only above ground
to supress weeds but the extensive rye roots will add alot of OM below, plus
N from the legume. Plant right into the mulch.
NC State had a great success with a recent no-till cucurbit trial.

I don't know what does well in your area, but that's how I'm improving my
excessively-drained sand.

I'm cautious with off-farm inputs - here's one mulch cautionary tale:

Good luck! Mulch has reduced my watering needs at a time I'm getting less
from the sky.

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