[Market-farming] Greenhouse collapse and insurance

Brigette Leach avalonfarmshomegrown at earthlink.net
Sun Dec 2 13:46:03 EST 2007


Sorry to learn of your troubles. Did you have anything growing in it? 
Was it heated or unheated? So far we haven't had issues with snow or 
ice, knock on wood, but two houses are heated. Where are you located? We 
are in SW Michigan, just east of the lake effect snows.

Our houses are covered under our Farm Owners Policy through Farm Bureau. 
We had major damage from a storm in May of this year, $51,000+ in 
damages to the gutter connect, heated hoop and high tunnel. An adjuster 
was at the farm the next day and we had a check for repairs three days 
after the repair estimate was turned in. Very fast turn around on the 
insurance companies part. The hardest part was getting the repair crew 
to show up and do the repairs.

I would be surprised if a home owner's policy would cover the damage, 
unless it is listed on the policy as a rider. Sometimes that can be done 
and sometimes not, depends on the company and the policy.

Even though Pat's message suggested that insurance companies try to get 
out of paying claims, the reality is that just because a policy holder 
thinks something should be covered by a policy doesn't mean that it is. 
The policy is typically very clear as to what is covered and what isn't. 
Andy is 100% correct that questions should be addressed upfront. 
Granted, we can't imagine every possible scenario, but some are easy to 
consider...collapse due to snow load, wind storms, fire, you get the 
idea. If the agent selling you the policy can't answer your questions, 
it's time to find another agent!

We're very fortunate to have an exceptional  insurance agent who not 
only sold us the Farm Owner's policy, but actually services it! Once a 
year he makes an appointment with us and goes over the policy and any 
changes we've made on the farm...even keeps track of the office 
equipment and computers, and those change fairly often.  I know that 
doing that on our own would fall through the cracks if left up to us. It 
takes just a few minutes to make sure that everything is covered.

Maybe others have had different experiences?

Brigette Leach
Avalon Farms Homegrown
Share of the Farm

Ploughshare wrote:

>I'm sure I'll find out my answer on Monday when the company opens.  But has 
>anyone else had their greenhouse collapse by the weight of snow and was it 
>covered by home-owner's?
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