[Market-farming] Problem with peat

Sharon and Steve shopkins at tdstelme.net
Sun Dec 2 09:14:34 EST 2007

> For 20 years I have been using a peat based potting mix.
> This fall the color of the mix changed from brown to black.
> Germination rates were between 2% and 0%.
> I think it might have been something in the peat moss.
> Any ideas?
> Andy King
Is this a mix you buy or are you talking about peat you are mixing.

Is this a product you have had for a while, or new stuff, ?

Has it been stored wet?

Have you checked several bales?

Get on  to the seller and the maker big time, I dont know any of them that 
want you to fail and those I have dealt with have been very helpfull.

I prefer a seedling mix (Metro 360, Jiffy Mix for example) for germination 
of small seed and at least for the covering of large ones as it saves so 
much sifting time.


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