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Hello Christine and Marlin, I will ask this publicly because many of us have
been following your progress. How is your new house coming along, and how
are you all coping with the changes now that winter is setting in? We do
think of you and care.

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Allowing customers to order what they want would involve a lot of book
keeping and packing time.  Perhaps you could take everything which you have
available that week and  then your aunt and members could come and pack
their own bags.  The membership could take the responsibility of dividing
the produce.
We have a CSA on Tuesdays and go to a farmer's market on Saturdays.  We tell
our Kurdish PYO customers to come Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Saturday
I use the computer for 98% of our communication with CSA members, but even
that takes time.  (We allow some of our members to work for their share; so
I also need to communicate about work hours.)  Just dividing out the produce
for 60 shares is a full day's job for one person.
Christine Burkholder
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