[Market-farming] We got robbed at the market, don't let this happe n to you

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Fri Aug 31 14:42:00 EDT 2007

Sorry Paul. I made a couple of aprons and love them. They have two large
pockets at hand level. In one pocket I put ones in front, checks and coupons
in the middle, and twenties at the back. The other pocket has fives in
front, tens in back, and quarters. I simplied to only pricing in quarters
and keeping quarters as change this year and love it. I keep my prices up so
even if I appear to discount (customers look at the scale and it says 6.88
but I say 6.75) I think I come out OK. I also made a zippered pocket under
an iron-on logo so the pocket hides just under my bust (I'm not real busty,
but it probably works better on me than on a male figure). When I get 50s
and 100s, or have too many other bills to handle easily, I put them in the
chest pocket. It impresses customers that I can pull out correct change
without looking. When I did more coins, it was dimes and quarters in one
pocket, pennies and nickels in another - could be retrieved by feel.
The thing I love most about the apron is that it allows me to be in the
front of my booth with customers. I am an extreme introvert and would hide
behind the table if I had a cash box back there, but there are always
questions about the tomatoes, which of something else, what is something
else, and I keep coolers of different size chickens behind the tables (one
cooler on the display table) and end up moving back and forth. The apron
gives me freedom of movement. 
The aprons - one is just a simple tunic, open on the sides with tie strings.
The other is a Daisy Kingdom knee-length wrap apron, very attractive, but a
little hard to get in and out of, but I only do it once a day so no big
deal. It takes 3+ yards of fabric though. I want to make a simple "artists
smock" type that just buttons in the back, and cap sleeves, big pockets at
bottom. Would take much less fabric. 
I also use the aprons as "branding". Folks don't remember who they bought
what from, or who to send someone else to. I hope my aprons identify me
enough that they remember to come shop with me. They are also "wholesome"
looking, which is part of my branding. I'll admit spaghetti strap tops and
mini skirts may sell more than my "wholesome" branding, but that is what we
try to project and be.

Beth Spaugh
Rehoboth Homestead
Peru NY
http://rhomestead.com <http://rhomestead.com/> 



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