[Market-farming] We got robbed at the market, don't let this happe n to you

cjmaness at juno.com cjmaness at juno.com
Fri Aug 31 10:34:58 EDT 2007

We used the pocket aprons the first few years of doing our market. It slowed us down too much, and they get hot in the heat of summer. So, we went with a cash box. We keep it on the tailgate of the pickup. This summer though after a particular busy day, I took my 5 year old to the playground for a break while my husband ran the booth. I noticed we had a lot of twenty dollar bills, but didn't think anything of it. When I came back from the playground I again glanced at the cash-box and immediately asked my husband what he had done with all the twenties. He didn't know what I was talking about. He has no idea what happened. Someone apparently reached in grabbed the twenties and took off. No one saw anything, and my husband was right there, but he was talking to a customer. The thief didn't take all the bills but we figure we lost about 200 dollars that day. It could have been much worse. We blame ourselves for being so naive and thinking because it's such a nice town, nice market, that we were safe from that sort of thing. We warned all the other vendors, and now we are all trying to look out for each other.

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