[Market-farming] We got robbed at the market, don't let this happen to you

BillOhio billohio at gmail.com
Fri Aug 31 05:41:07 EDT 2007

My wife made an apron which I wear for the cash with two pockets and our
logo across the top. I don't feel comfortable unless I know where the money
is, even in our small market. It's a lot handier too than having to reach
for a cash box constantly to make change.

Last year about this time the same thing happened in our market--one person
distracted a vendor while the other grabbed her cash box and bolted. A
customer noticed and started yelling, and he was run down and held until the
police arrived...folks in cars on the highway stopped and helped give chase.
All in all, we were lucky nobody got hurt IMO. Last I heard the thieves were
released for lack of evidence, which seems pretty ironic to us.

Bill Huhman
Central Ohio

On 8/30/07, Errol Castens <castens at nepower.coop> wrote:
> Paul,
> To everybody: My wife and I (and our market's main booth, where they sell
> coffee, caps, aprons, etc.) use a cash box, but we've considered going to
> a carpenter's apron so we never turn our backs on the cash. Anybody else
> use 'em?
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