[Market-farming] Hurricane Dean report & thanks

Karen Sutherland & Roots Farm rootsfarm at marpin.dm
Fri Aug 24 14:08:14 EDT 2007

Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes.

Electricity & email on island finally restored.   Water & telephone 
still to come.  Wondering how my partner will get produce washed for 
market tomorrow but at least there are a few things he can bring to 
market: mostly hot peppers and downed plantain.  He reports that the 
storm took a few fruit trees and lots of branches, all the bananas & 
plantains (which should shoot again), and did a major edit on the 
ripening avocado crop.  Asian greens, cucumbers, and lettuce crops wiped 
out; long beans and roots might recover; eggplants and sweet, hot, & 
seasoning peppers looking not too bad.  Winds ripped up our netting 
which kept the birds off the peppers, but truck is running despite 
cushioning a tree's fall.  So for us, set-back is mostly 3 months of 
income and repair/replacement expenses, not a multi-year recovery. 

Banana and plantain farmers didn't fare so well and this foretells 
tougher times ahead for an already poor island for which bananas are the 
major source of foreign exchange and domestic currency circulation.

Best wishes to all,

Cozy in MA but wishing to be helping with Dominican clean-up/restoration

Karen Sutherland

Roots Farm

Organic Produce

Fruits, Roots, Vegetables & Herbs

Cockrane, Dominica


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