[Market-farming] Harvesting Dry Black-Eyed Peas

Kelly Saxer kellysaxer at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 20 19:51:47 EDT 2007

Does anyone have any advice for hand-harvesting a small field (about 1/2 
acre) of dried black-eye peas.  I usually grow black-eyed peas to harvest as 
"green" beans, but I have a 1/2 acre section that got ahead of me and has 
already dried on the plant.  Any tips for hand-harvesting dry beans?....I'm 
new to this.

Thanks in advance,

Desert Roots Farm
Queen Creek, Arizona

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>We are in a college town as well. We have the support of the faculty, 
>but... they really aren't big spenders. They will buy a box of tomatoes, or 
>squash, and that's it. We don't get many students either. A few, but not 
>many. We have tried advertising in the college paper, with limited results.
>We received a grant this year from the dept. of Ag. and our board decided 
>to spend the money on advertising. We have advertised on our local radio 
>stations all summer. The down side is: This was the year of the flood. So 
>many of our growers, ourselves included have a very limited amount of 
>produce, particularly now. Business is great for the bread makers, and 
>certified kitchen people though. I don't think any of them are experiencing 
>the "August slump" and, I think if we had more produce we could certainly 
>be selling a lot more than we are now. I know I'm seeing lots of new faces. 
>What worries me is that they are coming for tomatoes, or cucumbers which 
>are both in short supply and will be frustrated by the lack of and won't 
>come back. We have tried to explain that this year has been unusual, and to 
>please bear with us. Who knows how it will all turn out though.
>Carla in Oklahoma
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